Brazilian Keratin Treatment – Does It Work?

Brazilian Keratin TreatmentTo avoid another bad hair day most women with frizzy, curly, or wavy hair face a daily struggle of brushing and combing their hair for hours. Any woman who is not blessed with naturally straight hair knows the difficulties associated with daily hair care and management issues. Fortunately, this daily battle can easily be eliminated by the Brazilian Keratin Treatment or BKT in short.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is a fairly common problem for those with curly and wavy hair. This is probably why there are many hair products companies selling different types of solutions to frizzy or unhealthy hair. Having frizzy hair can result from the following reasons:

•    Lack of adequate moisture.
Just like your skin, your hair requires adequate supply of moisture to maintain a healthy appearance. Lack of moisture makes your hair dry and susceptible to frizz.

•    Low protein content.
Your hair also needs adequate protein to maintain a fresh appearance. Low protein causes breakage and frizz.

•    Excessive hair treatment
Like in everything else, too much of something is poisonous. Excessive treatment of your hair from blow drying to coloring damages its structure over time.

•    Genetics
Heredity plays a key role in the kind of hair you have. If your mom and dad had curly hair, don’t expect to be different. Some women are simply born with frizzy hair as a result of the DNA they received from their parents.

The Treatment Procedure

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Before and AfterHowever, for whatever reason you may be having those locks of frizzy hair, Brazilian Keratin Treatment provides one of the best solutions to your problem. This is a procedure that restores health and shiny look to your frizzy hair for up to 12 weeks. The procedure aims at forming a keratin layer over your hair to make it silky, healthy, and smooth.
The treatment works perfectly because it is based on natural keratin proteins. Lack of this protein causes curly hair. The treatment addresses this problem by infusing hair with the natural and essential proteins without altering the hair’s natural structure. The de-frizzing process makes your hair smooth and easy to style.

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment involves five major steps. In the first step, your hair is shampooed with Brazilian Gloss pre-treatment shampoo to clean off dirt and oils. This step ensures your hair is in perfect condition for the BKT procedure. In the second step, the BKT hair stylist will towel-dry your hair thoroughly before dividing it into several sections. Keratin Smoothing Gloss is then applied to each section of the hair using a comb or hair brush. During the third step, the stylist will blow dry your hair in a high temperature of up to 450 degrees and divide it again into several sections. Each section of your hair is treated with a flat iron to straighten and smoothen it. The flat iron further bonds the formula with the hair’s cuticle.

In the fourth step, the stylist rinses the hair before applying the Brazilian Gloss After-Treatment Masque. This treatment helps smooth out and restructure the hair shaft. The hair is finally rinsed and towel dried again. The fifth step is optional but equally important as the previous steps. It involves application of the Brazilian Gloss Daily Glossing Serum to assist in sealing the hair cuticle. After the treatment is applied, the stylist will blow dry and style your hair leaving it shiny, frizz-free, and smooth for up to 12 weeks.

Cost And Duration Of The Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The procedure normally takes a couple of hours from the initial preparation to the last step. The cost is a bit high ranging from $150 to $350 depending on several factors such as the city you live in and the facility you get the treatment from. This treatment works better than relaxers or even curly perms because it doesn’t wash away. The treatment lasts for a long time, up to twelve weeks, before wearing off. For the best results, clean your hair with shampoos that have a neutral pH.

Basic Precautions

Brazilian Keratin Before and After 2You will be advised to desist from getting your hair wet or even washing it in the first few days after treatment. Use a hair cover while in the shower to avoid getting the hair wet. You will also be required to avoid exercising or any other task that might cause you to sweat. Do not use any other hair care product on your hair during this period. Ideally, do not pin your hair up or even tucking it behind your hair in the first few days after the treatment. This will cause kinks that may stick in the hair.

A major concern about Brazilian Keratin Treatment is the fact that some brands of keratin treatments marketed under its name contain a chemical ingredient called formaldehyde which is similar to the chemical used in embalming dead bodies in morgues. These are counterfeit treatments and are not approved by the FDA. Ensure that your hair is treated with 100% formaldehyde-free products. Another major issue you need to consider the heat used during the flat iron phase of the procedure. Temperatures of up to 450 degrees are quite high and not recommended to be used on individuals with high blood pressure, cardiac problems, or even nursing and pregnant mothers.

Finding The Best Stylist For Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Just as you would when shopping for any other service, seek for recommendations from colleagues, family, and friends to get the best stylist. The next step is to book for an appointment with the stylist to discuss pertinent questions about the procedure. Find a stylist who is ready to answer all your questions in a friendly and candid manner. Remember it is your hair that you are discussing about and an uncooperative or rude stylist is most likely to have the same attitude while working on your hair.

You might have seen the procedure work perfectly on your friend but try not to seek for exactly the same results in your treatment. This is basically because hair treatments and products work differently on different types of hair. The results will therefore largely depend on the type of hair you have.

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